“I always leave our conversations feeling empowered, encouraged and inspired. Thank you so much. You are such a gift!”   -K.W., Montana

“Teresa is a fantastic, engaging presenter - a huge inspiration.” -J.L., California

“Teresa is unlike any coach I have ever known.  Her nurturing, practical, and laser-clear approach is about YOU, not her.  It comes from over a decade of experience working with older adults, igniting them to be all they can, and want to be.  I have personally watched Teresa spark hidden passion in people who thought they were done; people who didn’t realize they were cultural treasures with a treasure trove of human capital.   Aging on Purpose is true to its name and Teresa is true to her brand promises.  Thank you, Teresa for all you do for others.” - Dr. Roger Landry, physician & author.

“I have gained new insights and have clear direction to shape my future. I feel in control.” -T.A. Oregon

“Teresa’s rare combination of empathy and realism will help you overcome challenges and forge a healthy aging path!”  Kay Van Norman, President, Brilliant Aging

“Teresa has a great style and stories that touched my heart.” E.W., Texas