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Aging can be scary. You've watched others travel the path of gradual losses -  fading memory, weakening strength, worsening health and loss of independence. Too many friends and maybe even your parents spent far too many years in decline. You worry about your own fate and yet you can't do anything about it because your genes are in control, right? Wrong. When it comes to aging, genetics hardly matter.

Decades of scientific research on successful aging show that how we age is mainly about choice - specific lifestyle choices that we make (or don't make) each day. In fact, 70% of how we age physically and 50% of how we age cognitively is based on lifestyle choice.  For better or worse, the choices you make today impact your aging journey more than anything else.

Discover how you can immediately shape your aging journey for the better - starting today.


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    Teresa‚Äôs rare combination of empathy and realism will help you overcome challenges and forge a healthy aging path!  -Kay Van Norman, President, Brilliant Aging